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Are you having trouble getting pregnant?
Do you want an explanation for your “unexplained infertility?”
Do you want to double your chances of Implantation during IVF?
Do you want to reduce your stress about birthing a child?
Do you need to process the loss of a baby so you can move on?

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Creative Fertility is a  "choose your own adventure" style of fertility coaching. 
It's empowering.  It's creative.  It's Creative Fertility!

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Please note: any information that is offered in this web site is not intended to be taken as a replacement for medical advice. 


- A picture of Laya moments after giving birth to her first child after two miscarrages.

Hi!  I'm Laya, a Fertility Coach.

A fertility coach is someone who supports a woman in myriad ways.  Support is provided physically, informationally, energetically and emotionally for the journey towards motherhood, whether through natural conception, assisted reproductive technology like IVF, surrogacy or adoption.

I am a fertility coach who guides women on personalized "fertility voyages." My education and personal experience enable me to be an empathetic cheerleader in your corner, supporting you to nourish your body, mind and emotions to be fortified for this journey of a lifetime.   


My education includes Masters Studies in Somatic Counseling Psychology from Naropa University, a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Boston College, a 500-hour Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy course from the Denver School for Hypnotherapy, 4-year Chi Kung Healing Touch & Body-Energy Practitioner Training from the Center Place, Mind-Body Fertility Connection® Practitioner Training , R.E.M.I.T Trauma Memory Modification, Advanced Polarity Therapy from the Open Center in NYC, Skillful Touch from The Rolf® Institute, Play Therapy from the Colorado School for Family Therapy, Body-Mind Centering from the Kinesthetic Leaning Center in North Carolina, Qigong Teacher Training, Fertility with Hypnosis and Science of Mind Treatment & Meditation.

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