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Creative Fertility Packages & Pricing

Each session is 2 HOURS.
Every other practitioner has 50 minute sessions, and recommend coming every week.
​I have found 2 consecutive sessions every-other-week for a
per session is more effective.  

Single (1) session for TWO (2) HOURS is $250 (This is $125 per hour).

Three (3) session package (6 HOURS) is $700.
This package is for Spiritual Preparation for Motherhood.
This package is ideal for women who are beginning the process of pregnancy. 

Six (6) session package (12 HOURS) is $1300.
This package includes the Spiritual Preparation for Motherhood + Connecting to Inner Self.
This package is geared towards finding an explanation for "Unexplained Infertility" that has no medical reason for the difficulty in birthing a full-term baby.

Twelve (12) session package (24 HOURS) + One (1) TWO HOUR session =
13 sessions (26 HOURS)  is $2400.
This includes one BONUS session to work on personal issues.

This package is ideal for women who have medical issues preventing pregnancy and are pursuing IVF (in-vitro fertilization).

Any woman can purchase any package regardless of the reason for fertility challenges.
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