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Hi.  I'm Laya Laboe, the founder of Creative Fertility and The Whole Fertility Network.  I am a fertility coach who guides women on personalized "fertility voyages," where a woman can experience being the captain of her own customized journey towards Fertility and Motherhood. 

My passion for healing arts and fertility came to life over 20 years ago and was further developed during my own fertility struggles.  I was older when I was ready to start a family, therefore I was labeled with "geriatric" pregnancies by doctors because I was over 35 years old. 


I suffered two miscarriages before I birthed my two daughters when I was 37 and 40 years old.  My second miscarriage was traumatic.  My doctor recommended that I take Cytotec, a pregnancy termination drug.  It caused heavy bleeding  for five days.  It didn't work.  I had to then take another round of a similar medicine, Misoprostol.  I lost so much blood during that second round of treatment that I was nearly admitted to the Emergency Room.  The treatment still didn't remove all traces of my miscarriage from my uterus.  I finally needed a Dilation and Curettage (D&C) abortion procedure to remove all the deceased fetal tissue.  I was in physical and emotional agony, bleeding heavily and miscarrying for three entire weeks due to this course of medical treatments. 


The weekend after my D&C, I was scheduled to attend a Mind-Body Fertility Connection® Hypnosis training.  Initially, I felt too sad, fragile and vulnerable to attend, but I forced myself to go, and I am SO glad that I did!  During the training, I was able to heal what I originally viewed as a cut-up scarred uterus and say good bye to the Soul that once occupied by body.  I got pregnant the very next month, which lead to the birth of my first daughter!

My education and personal experience have enable me to be an empathetic cheerleader in your corner, supporting you to nourish your body, mind and emotions to be fortified for this voyage of a lifetime.

I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Qigong Instructor who specializes in fertility and embodiment.  I am a Mind-Body Fertility Connection® Practitioner and a Qigong Healing Touch Practitioner with 16 years of Qigong and Tai Chi training and 7 years of Hypnotherapy training. I am registered as a non-licensed psychotherapist in the Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs.  

My education includes:

  • Masters Studies in Somatic Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, CO

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology from Boston College

  • 500-hour Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy course from the Denver School for Hypnotherapy

  • Four-year Qigong Healing Program from the Center Place in Boulder, CO

  • Qigong Teacher Training from the Body-Energy Center in Boulder, CO

  • Mind-Body Fertility Connection® Practitioner Training from the Rocky Mountain Hypnotherapy Center

  • Daoist Qigong from the Primordial Limitless Gate School and Eva Wong, the 19th generation lineage holder of the Xiantianwujimen tradition

  • Fertility with Hypnosis from the Denver School for Hypnotherapy

  • Vaginal Kung Fu from Kim Anami Salon

  • R.E.M.I.T. Trauma Memory Modification from the Brain Center of Colorado

  • Advanced Polarity Therapy from the Open Center in New York City

  • Skillful Touch Practitioner from The Rolf® Institute

  • Play Therapy Certification from Colorado School for Family Therapy

  • Body-Mind Centering Skeletal training from the Kinesthetic Learning Center in Durham, NC ​​

  • Science of Mind Treatment & Meditation from Mile Hi Church.  

  • Next Step member in Calm the Chaos parenting course

I have taught classes in Internal Alchemy Qigong and meditation at the People's House in Denver.  I have a private Fertility Coaching practice where I specialize in facilitating the process of fertility and embodiment for through meditation, hypnotherapy and Qigong therapy.

I am a wife, mother, friend and owner of Family Roofing in Lakewood, Colorado.  I enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, dancing and martial arts. 

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