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What should I do now???

This is a question that comes up whether you are a seasoned traveler on your fertility journey or just starting to consider seeking help for fertility challenges.  This question is tough.  When the traditional way of getting or staying pregnant doesn't work for you, it is hard to know how to move forward.

If you ask yourself this question, and you don't know the answer, then it is time to seek some help.  Most people would go see a reproductive doctor.  You might leave that office with more questions than answers and some financial figures that may make you quake.  Also, that doctor may tell you what he/she will do for you to help conceive your child.  This would require you to relenquish the steering wheel of your fertility journey to the doctor and hope for the best.  

If you want to be in charge of your own fertility, then go on a Fertility Voyage with me.  I can help you chart your fertility so you know the best time to copulate.  I can give you tools to support your decision to get your body healthy and prepared for your pregnancy.  If you feel stuck, I have the know-how to help you discover the key for your particular engine.  Together, we can decide the direction that you want to go and figure out what is your best next step.  Then we can break it down into bite-sized pieces so that you can get out of feeling stuck and overwhelmed and just move forward.  

Let me hold your hand so you (and your partner) won't be alone in this.  If something isn't working and you are feeling impatient, we will try something else.  There are many ways for you to be a parent.  We will find the way that will work for you.

Having children will challenge you and bring you far outside of "the box."  It is time to practice stepping out of your comfort zone.  It depends on your willingness to explore and the commitment you make to yourself and your family.  You have been waiting for this all of your life & your soul child is waiting for you to be ready.  Let the wait be over.  It is time to take your first step along your personal fertility voyage.



The cost for this service will be $150 for the first visit, which will be a 90 minute appointment.  Subsequent appointments will be $90 for a 45 minute appointment.  

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