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I am a Certified Mind-Body Fertility Connection® Practitioner, trained by the founder, James Schwartz.  The Mind-Body Fertility Connection® Program consists of a series of 5 sessions of hypnosis where we work through the blocks that have previously prevented conception in the past.

The Mind-Body Fertility Connection® Program helps to supports women in their fertility voyage by:

- Promoting empowering models of conception.  

- Discovering any subconscious blocks that have prevented pregnancy,

- Mitigating the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues that have caused fertility difficulty in the past.

- Emotionally processing the feelings of loss, frustration, discouragement, desperation, etc. that accompany 
fertility struggles.

- Providing tools to reduce stress levels.

- Using guided visualizations and meditation exercises to support relaxation.

- Working through self-esteem and belief systems about pregnancy.

What happens during the Mind-Body Fertility Connection®Program?

The 5 sessions are typically 1.5 hours in length.  It is best to complete the 5 sessions of the program within 3 months.  The sessions are individual – it will just be you and I in the room.  It is best if your partner doesn’t attend so that you can be free to express yourself fully without self-consciousness.  You will be seated in a comfortable chair and may be asked to close your eyes.  Hypnosis will be involved.  To learn more about hypnotherapy, click here.

We will delve into many areas during the Mind-Body Fertility Connection sessions, which will include:

- A conversation about your pregnancy journey up to this point.


- Guided visualizations to help conceptualize the fertility process.


- An in-depth investigation on the issues that have prevented conception.

- Use of hypnosis to work directly with any troubling emotions or issues.

- Regression work to get to the point in time when the issue was first presented so that we can mitigate its        effects.  (If there are numerous issues that cannot be resolved in one session, more sessions will be recommended).


- Lessons about stress-reduction techniques including Qigong meditation that creates feelings of ease and openness in the body.

- The use of meditation and visualization techniques to bring hope and positive emotions into your fertility voyage.

The Mind-Body Fertility program is recommended for women who:

- Have “unexplained infertility” without medical reasons for the difficulty conceiving (which is approximately 40% of the "infertility" population).

- Have a cultural, religious or spiritual outlook that doesn’t allow ART to be a viable option.

- Have tried to get pregnant multiple times and are feeling discouraged about their prospects for success.

- Would like to approach their fertility with natural methodologies rather than medical interventions.

- Have had multiple miscarriages and/or abortions and would like to emotionally process the loss, fear and 
trauma before trying again. 


- Have tried Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) without success.- Cannot do ART because of financial (one cycle of In Vitro Fertilization costs $20-25,000 and has a 20-25% success rate) or moral reasons.

- Would like to reduce their stress levels to support the fertility process.


- Would like additional support while currently undergoing Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments.

- Want to be an active participant in control of their fertility voyage rather than dependent on doctors to 
determine the fate of their family.

The cost for the 5-session program is $595.  Additional sessions are billed at $150/each.  The length of each session will be about 90 minutes.

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