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Do you want a baby more than anything else in the world? 


Everywhere you look you see children, babies and pregnant women. 

It seems as if everyone can conceive a baby and carry it to term. 

Why can’t you?


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 10% of women, and 1 in 8 couples, in the United States have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant.  In developing countries, that number jumps to 25% of couples have difficulty getting pregnant. (WHO, 2004) 


Infertility is more common than you think, but no one seems to talk about it.  You and your partner may feel alone in this and be emotionally struggling. Everyone you tell about your difficulties seem to say, “relax and it’ll happen.”  How can you relax when every night you feel the despair associated with the loss and emptiness inside that you think only a baby can fill?” This is when you need a fertility coach. 


A fertility coach is a person who can help support you through this journey to parenthood.  They can walk a couple through everything from natural conception to assisted reproductive technology like IVF, and even adoption or surrogacy.


Fertility coaching uses mind-body approaches to process the emotions, release mental blocks, nourish the body and relax the mind.  These methods lower cortisol levels, the stress hormone, so that you can better cope with the stress involved in the struggle to parenthood.  This allows pregnancy to be more likely to occur naturally. 

In a Harvard University study, it was found that women who utilize a mind-body program were over twice as likely to conceive!

For the women who participated in the program, the clinical pregnancy rate was 52%, compared to 20% in the control group, a statistically significant difference.  All of these women became pregnant without the need for assisted reproductive technology within 12 months regardless of their age or medical diagnoses. 

“Studies have demonstrated that women with infertility who learn a variety of skills designed to lower stress, improve lifestyle habits, and decrease isolation experience significantly higher pregnancy rates than women who do not learn such skills.”

– Dr. Alice Domar, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School 



Fertility Coaching is for any woman, or any couple, who has been trying to have a baby for over a year.  

Fertility Coaching would help couples who have experienced multiple miscarriages.

Fertility Coaching can help women who have any medical condition that has created difficulties with conception, especially for couple who have "unexplained infertility," which is when there is no medical reasons for conception and gestation difficulties.  

Fertility Coaching can help a woman who is having emotional struggles due to her difficulty conceiving a child and carrying it to term. A study by Yale University found that when a woman worked with a therapist on issues that were related to their infertility, they had a 60% conception success rate compared to 11% in the control group.

Fertility Coaching is for women who are going through Assisted Reproductive Technology and need support with the various options and the physical and emotional rigor required for such endeavors.  It  is especially helpful during the transfer phase when the fertilized embryo is introduced into the uterus and successful implantation of the embryo into the uterine lining is expected.  A study done by Soroka University Medical Center found that twice the number of women who participated in hypnosis sessions prior to undergoing in-vitro procedures became pregnant as compared to the control group.   

Fertility Coaching is for couples who will not try Assisted Reproductive Technology due to financial, moral or religious reasons. 

Fertility Coaching is for women who have already tried Assisted Reproductive Technology and were unsuccessful.

Fertility Coaching is for people who have chosen to adopt or to try the use of surrogates to create their family.   

If a women is over 35 and concerned about a "ticking Biological clock" and has the financial resources to seek Medically supported Assisted Reproductive Technology, I would encourage her to go that route in conjunction with Fertility Coaching.     



The rate of success for Fertility Coaching (Mind-Body Work) compared to other treatments for infertility speaks for itself:

Procedure         Success Rate*     Average Cost

IUI with Clomid


Mind-Body Work

3 - 6%

20 - 25%

42 - 65%


$20K - $30,000

$500 - $1500

The success rates for Assisted Reproductive Technology procedures was derived from the 2018 Fertility Clinic Success Rates Report from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC).

The success rate for the Mind/Body Work was derived from nine studies of the effects of Mind-Body programs on fertility performed at Harvard, Yale, Emory Universities and in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institute.



The Creative Fertility Coaching Program is designed for women to go on a personalized "Fertility Voyage".  There are a variety of treatment options that will be available, ranging from nutritional support to soul retrieval.  The client is the captain of the ship for this voyage, so she decides the direction in which we travel based on her own inner compass, with the knowledge that she knows what is best for herself and her baby.  I will take the role of the first mate, who supports the captain with providing information and showing her the various options she can choose to take. 

The program expects a three-month commitment to start.  The program ends when a is baby firmly is on the way into a parent's arms.  This program will enable a woman to nourish herself in myriad ways to prepare her Body, Mind and Spirit for pregnancy.  I will encourage a client to see other practitioners who were vetted by me within The Whole Fertility Network (  These practitioners can provide the mother with expert knowledge of body-centered therapies that have been scientifically proven to help with fertility, such as acupuncture and nutrition.  I have the know-how to support women with the Mental, Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual aspects of burgeoning parenthood.  With Hypnotherapy, I can help a women to uncover whatever mental blocks have prevented pregnancy from being successful in the past.  With Qigong Meditation and Talk Therapy, she can calm the mind to help sooth the emotional struggles involved with the process. With Qigong Body-Energy Therapy, she can open the energy channels within the body so that she will be a more ready vessel to embody an awaiting baby's soul.  With Ritual Work, she can finally let go of all past losses and say goodbye to those Spirit Babies to clear the path for a fully alive thriving human child to be born to her.  


Please see the "Creative Fertility Program" link under the "Services" tab for more information.

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